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  • Planning an April blog tour   14 hours 6 min ago

    I am sure that you will turn out to be the best writers one day, as the topics you touch upon are not just sensitive but worth discussing as well. At website, I came across an excerpt from one of your books. From that moment onwards, I have become your fan!

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  • Free Book: The Time Stopper   1 day 2 hours ago

    FREE Kindle e-book 7/1 - 7/5, How to Homeschool College

    Homeschool College and Save!

    Do you ever wonder whether a 4-year traditional college education is the best choice for your homeschool graduate? Have you ever cringed at the expense and time it takes, but figure there are no alternatives? Homeschooling college is not a new idea—people have been doing it for years via distance learning—and it’s become very popular lately, especially with homeschooled graduates.

    >>>Here are just a few of the benefits of homeschooling college:

    • It provides outside documentation of high school work

    • Students can earn college credit and often an entire degree

    • Families can save tens of thousands of dollars over traditional methods

    >>> Here's Why You Need This Book:

    For the student who is willing to put in the work, homeschooling college can be an effective and economical fast track to a college degree. “How to Homeschool College” lays out all the different methods of earning college credit, based on the author’s experience with her own children

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  • Available to Beta Read Your Work   2 days 29 min ago

    Thank you for contacting me, Sean. While it sounds like you might have a good book, unfortantely, it's not for me. It's just not my genre. Best of luck with your book.

  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   2 days 13 hours ago

    Click here to download:

    DCI Harriet Martens is nicknamed the Hard Detective. But for Harriet, love proves more dangerous than any of her cases… 
    Britain’s number one tennis star, the beautiful Bubbles Xingara, has been murdered in the grounds of her luxurious house. 
    Harriet is now in charge of a case that will have the world’s media — already massing for the start of Wimbledon — out in force. But it is not the investigation that is about to explode Harriet’s life. Nor the string of murder suspects. 
    For it seems that the happily married Hard Detective has fallen passionately in love with a fellow officer. 
    As her obsession with Anselm Brent – her junior officer – develops, can she keep her eye on this high-profile case while navigating the chopping waters of a new, and secret, liaison? 
    What further challenges are facing this troubled ‘Detective in Love’? 
    And can she still catch her prey? 
    ‘A Detective in Love’ is a gripping crime thriller from a master of the genre. 
    Praise for H.R.F Keating: 
    ‘H.R.F. Keating breathes new life into the classic detective story.’ Reginald Hill 


    ‘An engaging and exemplary book’ Sister Wendy Beckett, Good Book Guide 
  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   2 days 13 hours ago

    Click here to download:

    The Virgin Mary was the most important woman in history. 
    As the Mother of God hers was a unique destiny. 
    Throughout the development of Christianity Mary has inspired limitless devotion among the faithful of all ages and of all races. 
    And yet, until now very little attention has been paid to the historical life of Mary. 
    We know her as the Mother of God, but who was Mary the woman? 
    Mary was born Mariam, the daughter of Joachim and Hannah, in the village of Bethlehem and grew up in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria. Returning to Judaea and surviving a storm in the Sea of Galilee, in which her parents were drowned, Mary was left alone at the age of 14 in the uncertain, violent, oppressed nation that was Roman Israel. 
    At this moment of uncertainty for her people, Mary was chosen with the highest honour possible — an Angel of the Annunciation declared to her that she was blessed above all women. 
    And, in Bethlehem of Judaea, Mary gave birth to the infant Jesus. 
    This biography is essential for all who love and draw succour and inspiration from the Mother of God. It expands our understanding of a woman whose involvement with the birth of Christianity marks her as one of the great influences on humankind. 
    Stephen Marley is a British author and video game designer, best known for his Chia Black Dragon series. He has had eight novels published, the most recent a thriller entitled The Heresy. His third novel, Mortal Mask, was acclaimed a 'masterpiece'
  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   2 days 13 hours ago

    Click here to download:

    Thomas Schaefer is haunted by a memory. 
    He has devoted a large part of his adult life to finding his kidnapped daughter. 
    Since Amber’s disappearance ten years ago, Schaefer has become an expert in the recovery of missing people – his particular speciality is rescuing young adults from cults. 
    Schaefer inhabits a dark world populated by sinister characters. 
    His obsession with finding Amber draws him down a desperate path. 
    His only seeming sources of succour are Doctor Harry Gilmore, a renown cult de-programmer, and Ellen Ovitz, a psychic Schaefer once consulted in his desperation to find his daughter. 
    Gilmore and Ellen represent different approaches to life – the rational and the spiritual – and Schaefer finds himself torn between the two. 
    Against his better judgment, Schaefer takes on a case that Gilmore brings him – the disappearance of a young girl, Katie Blake. 
    The case shares many similarities with Amber’s kidnapping – the two girls even look the same. 
    Schaefer meets Katie’s mother, Sally Blake and says he will find her missing daughter. 
    Schaefer starts by shaking down known pedophiles, but has little success. 
    He asks a police contact to investigate an occult symbol found at the scenes of Amber’s and Katie’s kidnappings. 
    As he encounters more things he cannot explain, Schaefer turns to Ellen Ovitz, who tells Schaefer that there is a dark cloud around him – that he must give up the search for his daughter if he is to have any hope of salvation. 
    Alistair Mathers, a renown occultist, discovers that Schaefer is at the heart of a dark conspiracy. 
    Schaefer cannot give up the search for his daughter, and finds himself struggling with the challenge of an increasingly macabre world. She is slipping further and further 'Out of Reach'. 
    When he is used to kill an innocent man and implicated in the murder of his police contact, Schaefer goes on the offensive and tracks down the people who are manipulating him. 
    Schaefer discovers that he and his daughter are part of an occult ceremony that goes back hundreds of years, and that there is much more at stake than their lives: their souls face the prospect of eternal damnation. 


    ‘Out of Reach’ is a gripping occult thriller filled with twists and turns to delight and terrify. 
  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   2 days 13 hours ago

    Click here to download:

    The newly married and youthful Mrs Constance Baird feels like her life is only just beginning as she sets sail to join her husband, a famous American missionary, in Peking, China. 
    She is desperately excited to explore not only the foreign land with all its alien culture but also the role of a wife and all the pleasures that come with it… 
    In no time at all Constance is shocked on both accounts. China stuns her with its barbaric and improper behaviour which, almost against her will, begins to tease her imagination. At the same time, Mr Henry Baird, despairing of his sinful desires, proves unable to indulge Constance’s wishes. 
    The marriage, failing from the beginning, spirals further and further out of control as Constance, aided by her only ally Kate, inadvertently becomes a famous ‘Devil Woman’ throughout the region and faces an audience with the Empress herself. 
    As her new life unfolds, Constance finds herself tortured by desire, teetering on the edge of love and caught up in a dangerous whirlwind of international politics. 
    She ricochets between the Chinese extremes of complete intimacy and deadly violence as they head slowly into war. 
    What does ‘The Crimson Pagoda’ promise? 
    ‘The Crimson Pagoda’ is a gripping and engaging historical romance by a master of the genre. 
    Praise for Christopher Nicole: 


    ‘Well-researched…Evocative descriptions of scenery and edifices, and exact period dialogue’ – Historical Novels Society 
  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   3 days 7 hours ago

    Click here to download:

    July, 1810 
    The Peninsular war is in full swing. 
    Delphine Dalgleish is a Paris-bred Bonapartist who cares as deeply for the honour of France as she does for her island home on tropical Mauritius. 
    Sir Gideon Landor is a naval prisoner of war, who has every reason to consider her the enemy, especially when he commandeers her family’s yacht to escape back to England. 
    They expect never to meet again, but Gideon’s secret mission to decipher Napoleon’s military Grand Code forces them into a shock encounter on a Paris street. 
    In the seductively peaceful English countryside, they must recognise that they are both spies – on opposing sides of the war that Napoleon has unleashed on Europe. 
    As Sir Arthur Wellesley’s forces pursue the French across the Peninsula, Delphine and Gideon are trapped in a personal feud as complex and dangerous as a military campaign. 
    It will take them in the end to war-torn Portugal and Spain, menacing not only their lives but the armies of two nations. 
    Cheryl Sawyer pens a sweeping saga, beginning on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, a far-flung Bonapartist stronghold buffeted by the winds of war... 
    ‘Espionage, double agents, passion and deception are at the heart of this historical.’ - Barnes & Noble 
    ‘Packed full of intrigue, suspense and more, The Code of Love is one magnificent read. This outstanding plot will have readers on the edge of their seats.’ - MyShelf.Com 


    ‘The Code of Love is a wonderful story filled with romance, intrigue and suspense.’ - RoundTableReviews 
  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   3 days 8 hours ago

    Click here to download:

    Cassie Went’s life is anything but perfect. 
    Married to a man imprisoned for murder, she tries to go about her daily life as if it was all a bad dream. 
    He claims he was framed. 
    And though she burns his letters, Cassie cannot help but wonder whether there is any truth in his theories. 
    Secretly she films Hopper, their dentist, as he undertakes a routine extraction while she is sedated. 
    What Cassie records shocks her to the core. 
    Her husband’s claims of innocence suddenly seem truthful, his theories plausible. 
    She resolves to find out just who Hopper is, and what he is about. 
    But the dentist soon turns the tables on Cassie, and the hunter becomes the hunted. 
    In this terrifying game of cat and mouse, will Cassie be able to prove Hopper’s guilt before it’s too late? 
    Or will she also fall victim to the terrifying will of the dentist… 
    The Dentist is a tense and suspenseful thriller that will give you shivers and leave you chilled. 
    Scott Griffin's suspense thrillers have been widely praised: 
    ‘This is best debut thriller I have read in years’ - Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off. 
    ‘The Benefactor will keep you awake half the night’ - Matt Lynn, author of the best-selling Death Force thrillers. 


    Scott Griffin is the best-selling author of The Benefactor and The Donor.
  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   3 days 8 hours ago

    Click here to download:

    Mark Foster is not just a passport controller. 
    He is also a ruthless killer. 
    Everyone falls into two categories, he believes – murderers and victims. 
    And he is no victim… 
    By the time hotshot City boy Mark Allingham strays across his deadly path, Foster has already caught his scent. 
    The self-styled ‘Shark’, Allingham is as arrogant and irredeemable as they come. Filthy rich with no sympathy for those underneath him, Mark ‘the Shark’ stops at nothing to line his pockets. 
    Watching from the wings, Foster’s bank account groans and his lust for blood sharpens. 
    Unable to control himself, this devilishly dark-minded passport controller delves into Allingham’s life, revealing untold secrets and dirty affairs. 
    Illegal deals. Corporate corruption. Illicit love affairs. 
    Stealing into Allingham’s apartment, Foster is about to learn what lies beneath the pompous yet clean façade. 
    Indeed, all is not well for this ambitious city-dealer. 
    But when he discovers that an officer from the Financial Services’ Authority is investigating the Shark as well, he must decide how to avoid getting caught. 
    Can he quench his bloodthirst without taking down Allingham? 
    Or has the game only just begun for the hunter and his ‘Hammerhead’ prey? 
    ‘Hammerhead’ is the unrelenting, hilarious and deliciously dark sequel to ‘Dead on Arrival’, perfect for fans of the Dexter series. 
    Praise for Thomas Black: 
    'A fast, funny, quirky read you won't be able to put down. Foster is a memorable anti-hero - I absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next one. ' - Louise Voss, author of The Venus Trap 
    'A darkly funny and twisted killer for the 21st century' - Scott Griffin, best-selling author of The Patient. 
    ‘A brilliantly executed story with a nice thread of sharp wit.’ - Gordon Bickerstaff author of ‘Everything To Lose’. 
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  • I will be your beta reader   3 days 17 hours ago


    I have a novella and wondered, would you like to read and give feedback on it?  

    My novella is a fictional memoir of a fingerprint examiner in Los Angeles.  He goes through college, hates his job, and breaks up with his college sweetheart.  It then chronicles his dissatisfaction with life in the professional work world.  


    Sean Overman

  • Available to Beta Read Your Work   3 days 17 hours ago


     I have a novel and wondered, would you like to read and give feedback on it?  

    My novella is a fictional memoir of a fingerprint examiner in Los Angeles.  He goes through college, hates his job, and breaks up with his college sweetheart.  It then chronicles his dissatisfaction with life in the professional work world.  


    Sean Overman

  • Novel wanting to be read   3 days 17 hours ago


    I'm interested in reading your novel.  I have a novel as well and wondered, would you like to trade for a read and feedback on mine?  

    My novella is a fictional memoir of a fingerprint examiner in Los Angeles.  He goes through college, hates his job, and breaks up with his college sweetheart.  It then chronicles his dissatisfaction with life in the professional work world.  


    Sean Overman


  • Free ebooks June 28, 2016   4 days 7 hours ago

    DATE(S) OFFERED FREE: June 28 - July 2

    TITLE:  Money Talks: The Essential Mindset for Financial Succes

    GENRE: Personal Finance


  • The ‘Intangibles’ Of Yogic Philosophy Versus ‘Tangibles’ Of Pop Yoga... (FREE ebook)   4 days 8 hours ago

    I am so happy to let us know abut this book. - .Stephen Samuelian

  • Success Of Sliced Realism – The New Pop Iconism...!   4 days 8 hours ago

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  • Free Reading and Writing book through weekend and Monday   4 days 8 hours ago

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  • I LOVE Romance and I'm ready to be your next beta!   4 days 20 hours ago
    I just finished a novel and am looking for readers. It's about a hotel worker who takes acid during a shift, at the same time the hotel is attacked by terrorists. He ends up in a corridor with one hand stopping a co-working, who has been shot, from bleeding out - and the other hand holding the trigger to a suicide bombers vest. 
    If you are interested please let me know ( and I can send it through to you. 
    Thanks heaps,
  • I LOVE Romance and I'm ready to be your next beta!   5 days 3 hours ago

    Hi Cris!

    I'm looking for a beta reader to review the first 6 chapters of my NA romance novel. I'll leave the blurb below, let me know if you might be interested! Thanks :)

    Kennedy Walker isn't interested in dating...
    Not since her boyfriend died, and her world fell apart. Instead, she spends her time working and focusing on her studies.

    Grant Harrison has never had a relationship...
    He's too busy being a star forward for the Bexley Blazers. Off the court, he is only into casual flings and hookups.

    But when their worlds collide, they can't seem to shake each other off. He is stubborn, she is a control freak- but they start to learn there are something's you don't have power over- like your heart.