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Dereks Double Deliveries

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This is an extract from the highly erotic novel by Rusty Nock entitled Derek's Double Deliveries.

Derek will amaze you with his incedible encounters and group sexual activities including the sensational Cái cái shi shui, which must not be conducted when stilettos are being worn.

Once the aircraft was airborne and the seat belt signs were turned off, the cabin attendant came round serving drinks. Derek ordered his usual gin and tonic and Rosemary said she would partake of the same. A few drinks later, and the two of them were chatting in a friendly manner and Rosemary appeared excited having had a most successful business trip that had stretched over a period of two weeks. She told Derek she was looking forward to getting home to her apartment in Manchester and taking a few days holiday to recuperate following the busy schedule during the past couple of weeks.

“How about you Derek, what line of business are you in?” she said.

Derek explained that he was a company accountant and he had been in Atlanta for a month, whilst carrying out some research, prior to a possible business acquisition, by his current UK employer. It had gone well and Derek too, was looking forward to returning home, where his wife Susan would be waiting to welcome him back.

They talked for some time about their personal lives, and Rosemary confided in Derek that she was a single lady following a broken marriage about eighteen months ago.

They were both still high on adrenaline after their respective business success, and now it was time for some relaxation, despite there being an air of demob happiness, making them appear excited and exuberant, with lots of laughter and nervous energy.

“Gosh I feel good Derek,” said Rosemary, “I feel like celebrating and having a great time.”

Derek could see that this very attractive lady was oozing sex appeal, and the manner in which she kept fidgeting in her seat, gave him the impression that she would not take much persuading to partake in some serious flirtatious activity.

Following dinner, they had a few more drinks and then Rosemary told Derek she was feeling rather tired and she was hoping she would be able to get some sleep during the night. She reclined her seat half way back and slipped off her shoes, only to reveal very fancy stocking feet, which were stylishly embellished by black toe caps and Cuban heels. The thought crossed Derek’s mind as to whether they were in fact stockings or maybe tights. In his head he was visualising them being stockings and picturing the possibility of black lacy tops, held up by numerous suspenders. Little did he realise that as the night was to unfold, he would soon be confirming that they were in fact stockings.

As Rosemary fully reclined her seat, her skirt on her left side slipped up her thigh and Derek got a good look at an amazing stocking top and a couple of suspenders. She didn’t seem embarrassed by this revelation; she simply pulled the skirt back to its normal position, whilst giving Derek a broad smile.

The cabin attendant came round handing out blankets before dimming the lights. Derek tucked his blanket around him, and lay back thinking about the glimpse of stocking that he had just witnessed.

After about half an hour, Derek became aware of movement and he could feel the presence of Rosemary’s hand beneath his blanket. He couldn’t believe it when he realised she was trying to place her hand over his crotch. She managed to locate his covered cock, which by this time was now beginning to stir. She continued moving her right hand around and she was now able to gently squeeze his penis, which was becoming rather stiff and erect.

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Joined: 2013-11-07
Derek's Sexploits

Derek loves a prostate massage, particularly so when in group activity.