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Thanks to the WLC, I had so much fun learning how to get a higher Amazon ranking and met a great group of people at the same time. Kelly DeWitt

I have never been part of a book promotion of this scale and really didn't know what to expect.  Melissa Foster and the Women's Literary Cafe made the experience incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.  Not only did I get to connect with 35 wonderful authors and make new friends, but I saw an incredible spike in my sales, jumping onto the best seller list after the first day of the promotion.  James P. Wilcox-Author of Sex, Lies, and the Classroom, The M-16 Agenda and Musings of a Particular Bear: A Poetry Collection.

Working with WLC has been such a wonderful experience on so many levels. My ranking for my debut book Wedlocked: A Novel was propelled into the top 3,000 on Amazon and the book's exposure has exploded across the country and the world. I credit the wisdom, support and vision of Melissa Foster and the amazing network of people I was privileged to cross promote with. I not only gained an invaluable business community, but unexpectedly found a trove of special friendships I will always treasure.--Bonnie Trachtenberg, Award-winning author of Wedlocked: A Novel.

"The WoMen's Literary Cafe proves to me that, in these modern times, geography is no boundary to comradeship, encouragement and success. I am a richer soul because of the WLC & the new people I can now call friends" - Dean Mayes

"Thanks to WLC. The experience of supporting Melissa's launch while cross-promoting 34 other authors' work was truly amazing. My biggest weakness in self-publishing is marketing and promotion, but with the help of WLC it was painless--no, it was fun. I look forward to more exciting work together. Book Launch Boot Camp--that's what it was and it was worth every minute." Kathleen Shoop

Being part of Melissa Foster's Come Back to Me Launch was amazing. Not only did I get to meet several new readers, but I met thirty-five wonderful and inspiring authors. Writing is such a lonely job, and when that many people come together for support and encouragement, it makes you realize there are fantastic people still left in this world. I was proud and honored to be part of WLC and this wonderful group of authors. Tonya Kappes, International Bestselling Author 

Working with the WLC not only brought my rank to the top 5,000 on Amazon, but only proved that working as a team leads to success. This wouldn't have happened without  founder, Melissa Foster's vision of kindness and helping others. She chose dynamic, committed and inspiring authors who brought out the best in us.--Geraldine Solon--Author of Love Letters and Chocolicious 

When I began to 'share the love' with the WLC community, my book sales started to increase almost immediately. If you're writing without a net, without a community, without the support of other authors, you are missing a significant piece of marketing strategy. Most important, the bonds formed in this talented group goes beyond words, because nobody gets anywhere alone. - Beth Elisa Harris

WLC is an amazing community and a great resource for authors. We are all stronger together and this is the place to be! Connecting at WLC showed me authors are much stronger together. I've learned so much and have the sales to prove it! - Wendy L. Young


I have sold more books in the month that I collaborated WLC than in the previous months combined! Not only will your fan base grow, you will meet the most positive and supportive authors anywhere! ~Christine Cunningham



I joined WLC to be part of a group and ended up with a circle of new friends. Everyone is so open with excellent ideas to promote your work. I invite anyone who is serious about taking your book to the next level to join now!~Christine Cunningham


Working with the WLC has been an amazing experience. I have seen my sales increase and my sales ranking has improved tremendously! The best part of all is that I've gained invaluable friendships with wonderful people who really care about each others' success. I can't wait for future collaborations! - G.E. Johnson


Working with the people involved at the WLC has been a learning experience.   One of the most important things learned from this is the fact that community amongst writers is important.  We’re stronger as a group.  Together, we get things done.  Sales and ranks go up.  But most importantly, you build friendships and support groups that will last a long time. – Author Emerald Barnes


There is nothing better than working together with like-minded, caring creative people. Being an author can be very lonely. WLC is a supportive community where partnerships are powerful and blessings are plentiful. ~ Author Kaira Rouda


WLC is more than just a mere group. This is a collection of dedicated writers sharing their work with the world. Each one delivers a story to delight, some of the finest to be found. With  WLC my sales ranking more than doubled. - Author Micheal Rivers


Working with the WLC was an experience like no other since I've been writing.  Not only did I gain the support and backbone of the group professionally, but I made some amazing friends in the process.  Writing can be a very solitary venture and WLC showed me that it doesn't have to be.  I'm not alone.  There are many others out there, just like me, struggling each and every day to put words on paper and find an audience for them. ~ Author T.M. Souders


WLC is an awesome group and a shining example of the coming wave of indie authors. We are a force with which to be reckoned. 36 authors sold some 400 books in three days... imagine the power of hundreds or thousands working together. Complete support and encouragement, a win for one is a win for all. My previously unpromoted, non-fiction work shot up in the rankings. That is the proof that collaborative marketing works. On top of it all, a great bunch of people to chat and spend time with.  ~*~ Edward Owen